"If you don't know about Agape of Carmel Residential Care Facility, you should.  I am a conservator for a 91 year old woman with dementia/Alzheimer's who needs lots of attention and care.  During the past 4 years I have tried  three other care facilities and none of them has risen to the level of Agape.  Miriam and Herman, the owners of Agape of Carmel, are very special indeed.  Not only is the facility small, intimate and seriously family-like, the attention given to their patients is, I believe, 2nd to none.  Miriam and her dedicated, caring staff are excellent in all aspects of care giving, including but not limited to administering medications, personal hygiene, and nutritional and delicious meals.   When I say delicious I mean just that.  Miriam is a fantastic cook and she loves doing it.  The patients get fresh, delicious home cooking three times everyday and plenty of assistance with eating if they need it. 
There is no constant rotating of caregivers hence the patients get to know their caregivers because they see the same ones daily.  The care giving is very personal, professional and friendly.  The rates are quite competitive (actually less than the other three I've tried) and each patient has a private room and a recliner lounge of their very own in the living room.


Agape of Carmel has the ability to handle patients that need a great amount of care as well as programs and facilities for the more active, independent residents, with a variety of price ranges. I am so grateful that the people at Central Coast Senior Services recommended Agape of Carmel Residential Care Home to me.  You will be glad that I recommended them to you." -Barton B Whelan

"It's hard to put into words my admiration and appreciation for the special loving care you gave to Mom. I am well aware of the extra care and attention she required, and how you treated her like she was your own mother. I can never repay you for this, but I know The Lord will.

My mother and I had a very special relationship, and you made it possible to have her in my life an extra four years. I will never forget you for this. If there is anything I can ever do for you within my ability, do no hesitate to call me." - J.R.

"I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you are doing for my mother. All the extra love and attention, fun stories, kisses, good food and cleanliness are making a big difference in her life." - W.F.