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Business Description:
At the Center for the Knee and Shoulder, Dr. Richard Dauphiné offers the Central Coast's widest range of personalized surgical solutions for the knee and shoulder. Our team of health professionals listens to you, and together determines a personalized solution for your knee or shoulder problems. Our mission is to help patients understand their choices, make informed decisions, and ultimately return to full and active lives.



  • Richard Dauphiné, MD, FACS
    An Expert and an Innovator in Knee and Shoulder Care Richard Dauphiné, MD, FACS, is the medical director of the Monterey Sports Medicine Center and a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with 30 years of active surgical experience on the Monterey Peninsula.....
  • Mikazuki “Kaz” Kamimura (Practice Manager)
    Kaz is available to assist patients arriving at the Center with financial arrangements and billing issues, including credit card transactions by phone. Kaz is never too busy to answer patients' questions. Please let Kaz know if you'd like to discuss any problems or concerns you have when coming to our office....

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